First Polish Motorcycle!

“Hello, I’m Lech and I am a motorcycle!”

I found this gem when I went for a walk in a very small city in Poland. It looks so steampunk, haha

Production started in 1929. They were reliable and as good as foreign motorcycles. And let’s be honest, extremely classy.


Ice skating

Is there any other way to stop than crashing into the wall? Or falling? What is the magic trick?

Haha, I’m not good at all. But it’s so nice to use the last bits of winter and have fun! I go ice skating once a year and it is totally enough though 😅

-insert cute title-

I said I’ll be back with something creative, and here I am!

Today’s theme: kawaii ❤

I wanted to draw something cute and easy, so I made this kawaii chibi version of myself. Isn’t it cute? My pen was going out of ink and, unfortunately, I couldn’t make the lines stronger. It doesn’t matter, since I’m still happy with the outcome!

*By the way, I’m so short in real life, that I could be called chibi as well, haha*

Ice ice baby

Very very cold but magical! Since I live in a big city, it’s usually too warm to walk on the frozen lake. The ice is just not safe at all. But this winter I was able to come and see the completely frozen lake! And people were surfing on ice!

And skating too. It was so cool! I couldn’t hide my excitement at all. The view was a pure winter happiness!

Of course, it was incredibly cold. The temperature was -14°C and even colder near the ice.

It didn’t keep me from walking on water :3

Such an adventure!!!!

I’m back!

Hello everyone! Long time no see. It actually feels like it’s been months since I last wrote something here.

A lot is happening. A lot of things changed drastically. I’m trying to find inspiration and motivation to go and be my-creative-self again! Why is life so crazy..?

I need to save money for a project I’m really fond of, that will be happening in the summer. Ah, I can’t wait!

But I got other projects in mind. I know what I want to do and I will (hopefully) do it. I’m strong! Yeah!!!

Have a nice day, if everything goes smoothly I will return with something creative :3

Bye bye 😚

I’m 365 so stressed

Hello, it’s me! Who else it might be?

Crazy day. I don’t know anything anymore and I still got a meeting today! What to do what to do >.<

Why am I playing this game on such difficulty? Life is hard!

But I’m so close to completing one of my most important goals of 2018. So close! I hope I can make it… I’m scared, but let’s keep going. I’m strong, right?

Tomorrow I’m starting my new life. Hopefully. Ah, so stressed. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!

See you later everyone ❤

To my wonderful Bear that kept me from being depressed and doing stupid things: I can’t thank you enough. You are most precious, beautiful, wonderful Bear I have ever met. My 🐻💕

It’s working

I keep track of my new year’s resolutions in my bullet journal. That’s why I can see that they are actually working. But I can also see that I’m changing really really slowly, and that’s definitely a good thing.

First of all I finished the book “The cat who ate danish modern” by Lilian Jackson Braun. It’s the third book from the series “The cat who” that I read and so far I enjoyed all of them. Series is about Qwilleran – a prize winning reporter with a nose for crime, his two cats and their adventures. Really fun and amazing stories everyone should read.

Next thing is excercising: I excercise everyday. I can feel my muscles coming back to life! And I feel much better about myself. I do excercises for abs, since I can’t really do anything affecting my knee as it still hurts. But don’t give up, don’t give up!

As for creativity, if I have no inspiration I just doodle. And it helps me a lot actually. I got an idea for a game, so look forward to it! The game will be very dreamy :3

When it comes to learning, I learn English and Italian. Italian is very difficult for me since I’m used to Spanish, so I keep on mixing pronouciation and vocabulary. They are way too similar! But I’m trying my best. If I can’t force myself to study I just use Duolingo and Quizlet. That way I won’t forget what I learned before.

What else? I honestly don’t know. I’m trying my best all the time. And I hope I can keep it up the whole year!

Sending you  hugs ❤



Hello everyone. It’s 2018! I can’t believe… This year I want to make every day the best I possibly can. I got some resolutions and I want to change my life.

People are laughing at this resolutions trend, if you want to change you can change starting from any other day. But I think that most of us feel more encouraged to do something if more people are actually trying to do something. Does it make sense?

Anyway, here are my resolutions for 2018:

– getting a passport

– getting a new job

– learning Italian

– excercising

– being creative in general

– reading books

They aren’t amazing but are the most important for me at the moment. What are your ideas for 2018?

About the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, I celebrated with friends and Bear and it was fantastic! I got a lot of fun ❤

I’m entering 2018 with a smile. I hope the smile will last for the entire year!


/Diary 17.12.2017/

Just a wild thought: I like learning languages but I should pick one and become fluent.

I got very intrested in calligraphy recently. I was sure that writing beautiful letters was impossible for me. But guess what, it actually works. I’m not good or anything, I’m just proud of myself that my handwriting is slowly becoming prettier!

Also, I started writing short stories. Like really short. I realised I’m thinking too much about the outcome so I couldn’t write anything for years. But right now, I’m just writing my thoughts transforming them into a story. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

I don’t have to be pefect. I keep on telling myself that one obvious thing.

Love you


Doing what I want to do

/Diary 14.12.17/

The year is coming to an end. Time flies, doesn’t it? I remember writing “2003” in my school notebook, and it will soon be 2018! I’m still young. But I feel like I need to do things faster. Better. More effectively. Do you know that feeling?

I feel so insecure. I’m not good enough and lost. I’m being judged all the time… There are people supporting me, but I’m still not happy and I feel even worse because of that. I just feel guilty that despite all the positive things I received I still can’t be happy. It’s like… I’m not worth it? I’m not good enough for people to care about me. But they do. I’m so confused.

I got a breakdown lately. The only thing I could do was crying. I stopped eating properly, I got sick and very weak. Not cool. My Bear helped me and is still helping me. He’s the person who shouldn’t see how weak I am, since I was acting strong all the time. But… He gives me the best nice warm strong hug I could imagine. He doesn’t judge. He tries to understand, and if he can’t, he respects my decisions and tries to discuss them with me.

My condition is slowly becoming better. I realised I shouldn’t wait to become perfect. I will never be anyway. This is my time. I don’t want to regret things I haven’t done. I got the most beautiful person who supports me no matter what. I got a talent. I am young. What else do I need?

A little bit of luck maybe, haha

Writing things down is so calming 🍁

See u.