An adventure! Part 1: ski lift

Yaaaay, our adventure finally came true. We went to the mountains!

There are so many things to talk about. But let’s talk about the most exciting ones in a chronological order :3

Szklarska Poręba is a beautiful cheerful city. People smiling and complete strangers talking to each other (I guess that’s normal there!). I got a toy for making bubbles and some postcards and we went to the mountains. And since I’ve never used a ski lift before, we went up by ski lift!

At first it was just going through the forest, which was peaceful and exciting at the same time. It’s strange to ride through the forest in the air when you usually just walk. I was laughing like a little child 🙂

But at some point my Bear told me to look back and I was overwhelmed with the view. It was magnificent. I cried, I was so moved, we were finally able to go somewhere, and we’re in the mountains, on ski lift, and we love each other. What else do you need?

The only scary thing was getting off. Fortunately I don’t have a fear of heights.

And then the road has begun.


(almost) Summer time

I still have some time before I have to get up. So why not use it to write a lazy blog post?

I love being outside, the weather recently is wonderful! Sun is shining, there’s a little bit of wind and everything seems to be very summer-like. Even though we still have one month left of spring.

I took some random photos in the garden, using my new phone tripod. I didn’t notice my hands were shaking as much without it, haha.

Today I’m going to make a list of things I need to pack, and wash clothes I need to take… because I’m going on an adventure!

(Insert Bilbo and Gandalf)

An adventure?

An adventure.

I’m going to spend this weekend looking at the sea. I’m so excited! See you soon, have a wonderful day!

Spring snowflake

Leucojum vernum is a flower that likes to surprise everyone with it’s sudden appearance and disappearance. Tiny little spirit likes to cover the world with spring snow!

As you can see, these flowers look pretty similar to snowdrops, but are less common and appear in larger groups.

The details that make it easier to differentiate them are those tiny yellow dots. Aren’t they beautiful?

I could see them in a special place in the forest. The most charming view was a little stream surrounded by this magical snow.

To prevent people from damaging the forest a wooden path was made. It looked very nice, like a path made by forest creatures to lead humans away from their hidings!

I absolutely loved the experience. A little magic! :3

Ice ice baby

Very very cold but magical! Since I live in a big city, it’s usually too warm to walk on the frozen lake. The ice is just not safe at all. But this winter I was able to come and see the completely frozen lake! And people were surfing on ice!

And skating too. It was so cool! I couldn’t hide my excitement at all. The view was a pure winter happiness!

Of course, it was incredibly cold. The temperature was -14°C and even colder near the ice.

It didn’t keep me from walking on water :3

Such an adventure!!!!

Ferris wheel

The main point of the Christmas festival in Poznań thia year is the ferris wheel! It’s the first time ever something like this happened. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

I know it’s still a month ’till Christmas. But I just couldn’t stop smiling!

The whole square looks stunning, but I’m going to write more about it in December :3

As you can see, ferris wheel is noticable from a distance and looks just magical! Moreover, in the evening different colours are projected on the device. MAGIC.

The Old Zoo

Literally old zoo. There are two zoos in my city. The Old Zoo and the New Zoo. The New Zoo was built later and most of the animals were transferred from the Old to the New, so they can have a lot more space.

The Old Zoo was transformed into park and you can enter for free! But a lot of smaller animals are still there.

Let me introduce: black swan. Cool one. Likes to bite people. Thanks to that I could take a photo!

Here are the other birds. They are very pretty!

Look at these beauties. I absolutely love them! They are really friendly. They aren’t afraid of people at all.

I think I can call them my favourite animals!

I was quite surprised to see a herb garden in the zoo!

There are other magical places as well.

You can’t climb these stairs but they look pretty nice and a little bit wild.

Back to animals. There were sheep that were eating grass all the time. They weren’t bothered by people at all.

Adorable ❤

It was such a fun day!

And with the special someone who finally came back from his trip. Welcome back!

Have a great day everyone! See you really soon!