Not chamomile

I thought it is, but it’s not. Doesn’t smell like one!


Not exactly a fail

Me and my Bear couldn’t go to the sea because of a serious accident on the way. Railway was blocked and no train could go the way we wanted! So we couldn’t even get out of the city. We were so sad, we were both looking forward to that trip.

But we battled the sadness and had a good weekend anyway!

First of all we went to Ikea and had delicious dinner. And dessert. And drinks. Ahh I just love ikea food! And I love interior design so there’s always something interesting to find. This time I’ve found two new friends! And a flower pot for my grandma.

I called these two beautiful plants Raptor and Tyrannosaurus (Saurus or Terry for short, but he doesn’t like to be called Terry). Aren’t they the cutest?

I was also invited for a date on Sunday. We walked around the city, which I enjoyed so much, and went to a very nice café. I liked it a lot! But we couldn’t finish the food unfortunately. It was delicious but they give you so much food for a very good price, we didn’t expect it!

We talked walked and spent time together so the weekend wasn’t that bad. It’s still a shame I couldn’t see the sea, but hey, can’t stay sad forever right?

Especially having such a wonderful bear ^^

See you soon!


Poznań Palm House is a wonderful place. Even though I have been there before I had so much fun! You can feel like a true explorer! Going through flora of the different continents, seeing plants you wouldn’t normally see – it’s an amazing experience.

It’s is basically a huge greenhouse where you can see plants from all over the world.

Some of them have really interesting names. The polish name for this one is banana of wisdom. Quite funny, don’t you think? ^^


In the greenhouse you could find ponds with beautiful fish as well.

Hello there!


There were other animals too!

Some plants are simply beautiful.

Some may be magical. Isn’t this Mandragora from Harry Potter? Haha

This photo is not edited, the colors are this vibrant in real life. Surprising, isn’t it?

Walking there I felt like in a Jurassic Park!

But much nicer. There were also aquariums, but I’m not really interested in them.

The Palm House looks so cool from the outside as well.

And it’s located in the park so the area around is very pretty. If you’re not interested in plants or don’t want to spend money, I recommend visiting the Willson Park. It’s beautiful. You can just chill and relax.

That’s it for today! Have a great day and smile a lot!

Love ❤