Spring snowflake

Leucojum vernum is a flower that likes to surprise everyone with it’s sudden appearance and disappearance. Tiny little spirit likes to cover the world with spring snow!

As you can see, these flowers look pretty similar to snowdrops, but are less common and appear in larger groups.

The details that make it easier to differentiate them are those tiny yellow dots. Aren’t they beautiful?

I could see them in a special place in the forest. The most charming view was a little stream surrounded by this magical snow.

To prevent people from damaging the forest a wooden path was made. It looked very nice, like a path made by forest creatures to lead humans away from their hidings!

I absolutely loved the experience. A little magic! :3


Photographer (?)

Thanks to the special someone I could take some cute photos. I’m not a pro, I just like photography. World is truly beautiful and this time I wanted to capture countryside beauty!

Let’s go!

A field. I love the colors, it’s a mix of yellow, gold and green.

White flowers. Wild flowers.

A pop of color here and there!

Hello there little guy! These butterflies were really hard to capture.



And blue! But most importantly…

…Pink ❤

The day was truly beautiful.

I’m so happy I could borrow the camera and go outside!

Ah, the sun, the clear sky. It was truly a pleasure.

But you have to come back home at some point.

I enjoy photography and nature so much. If you have any advice for a beginner photographer please tell me!

Have a good day, see you soon!