Resolutions? Full HD 4K ofc (badumtss)

Heya! I took to heart many people’s advice to set monthly goals instead of whole year goals. And the difference on the brain is oh boy so great 😂

In all seriousness though, I have a few things I set for January. One of them is dancing – basically the only type of workout that I adore, and so far I’m doing great. It’s really important to me and also very rewarding!

Body used endorphins, it’s super effective!

Other thing is studying a language.

And finally journaling. I’ve read puddlesidemusings post, and after an encounter in the comment section I felt ready and encouraged to start writing again. Thanks! :3

Look at my cutie~

I feel the need to write and I really love writing. I need to break free of the writing chain that keeps me from finishing my poems stories and songs. As I wrote in my journal today – filling the page is better than leaving it empty, for what is the use of an empty book?

Yeah! Here I go. Once again, happy new year, happy birthday, good morning, good evening, and see you again!

Bye bye~🌟✨🌺


Happy new year everybody!

Hello~ and welcome to 2021! ^^

I’m filled with love and I’m ready to share it! Haha
So, first of all, I wish you all all the best for the new year, may you find what makes you happy and let your heart be filled with joy!!!

Everyone struggled this year, honestly it was a weird situation. Even if we had some other disease outbreaks in the past, I was a little kid back then and honestly I didn’t think much of them or simply didn’t know enough to care. Also, it wasn’t THAT crazy. But hey, I’m an adult now, and I had to stay responsible and still have to. Kids didn’t have it easy at all either with closed schools and restrictions. Let’s put it aside for now! And bring some positive vibes baby! Yeah! Haha

Entering 2021 in STYLE :3c

I have accomplished so much this year, learned so much about myself. I felt so bad for not doing more, but when I think about it: I got married, I moved out to a great place, I reconnected with friends, I started writing a book and got so far with it like I’ve never done before, I started streaming, I started my webcomic, I tried to learn a language, I started cooking though it still needs some work, I started gardening, dived back into graphic design. And created cute animal crossing island 😀 I am so impressed, though just yesterday I was all grumpy. And I will be again. But at this very moment, I’m grateful for all the good that happened! \(^^)/

Many people forget that some good still happened this past year, and some are scared to share anything positive, cause it feels weird. Like, how can I share good fortune when it feels we should all be grieving? Simply – do it. Share. I didn’t realise until today that I indeed did do something cool in 2020, I was so focused on negative stuff. Don’t ignore what’s happening, but think to yourself, “hey, I made a nice meal today!” or “Hey this tv show is very good! Glad I got a chance to watch it!” or “I like my socks today, they have a colorful pattern that makes me cheerful”. Anyway, you know what I’m talking about xD
Find the balance~ ✨




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Almost there

Ahh, and there we go, burnt out. I had so many creative plans for December, but so much is happening and so many feelings are taking over that I wasn’t able to finish what I started.

I had a terrible back pain, and neck pain and to add to it, even my knee was like “you know what? You can deal without me. ” . So… I let it be for a while.

Here’s one of my fantastic creations, satire in its prime~

Let’s focus on the positive to give myself a break tho! I made a lot of things for the house, loads of decorations and little gifts, made the house all festive, cooked a lot, streamed and talked more with friends I haven’t seen in ages. Made gingerbread and stuff.

Oh and about streaming! The new version of my childhood game “Santa Claus in trouble” came out today! And it works with Windows 10! ( The old was laggy and was making me sick and dizzy, not compatible with the systems newer than XP 😦 )

So! I’m gonna be streaming today! Festive stream, here I come! :3c If you’re curious, I stream on twitch, user geekonjuliet 😉

But really, I’m so so so excited to play it 😍🎄⛄✨

See ya;

Countdown to Christmas! 🎄

It’s snowing! So excited!!! So, I’m posting my own little countdown to Christmas, let’s craft together! Day one and two :3

Day one starts with a little scrapbooking session, the second is building a little winter cottage! ^^ Huhu, I love winter and christmas time!!!

I hope I could give you at least some inspiration. The house could double as a hiding place for a little christmas scavenger hunt! Also, you can easily make it out of paper as well 🙂

That’s it for today, see ya later with sum more crafting! Huhu

Bye bye ✨❄️🎄🎉

Back with the comic~!


So, today I wanted to show you the newest episode of my comic “B.” ^^ I had a long break, but I’m back! Huhu

The newest episode is Autumn themed. It was supposed to come out earlier, along with the other one that I planned to redraw from my old sketch. I missed this year’s Halloween though when it comes to drawing… BUT! I had a lot of fun in real life and I’m so grateful for that ^^

Without further ado-

The pumpkin episode! (which you can also read directly on webtoon)

Aaaand everyone falls directly into Christmas now 😅

Stay warm, people



Meet Miu Miu!

I had so many drafts I wanted to post, but it always seemed kinda out of place with what’s going on with the world right now. It’s like, do I post about happy events and happy changes in the middle of it all?

I don’t know. But I got inspiration from annoying chunky fella that comes to our place uninvited! So, just like that, meet Miu Miu!

-not the best quality photo, but it sure is fast at dodging the camera-

We’re still in a process of moving and stuff, so we can’t take care of it in any way, but it sure is an adorable visitor that likes meowing like crazy at my door (otherwise a harmless creature!)

Love for drawing=love for storytelling???

As of now I have 14 episodes published of my webtoon B. ! I’m so proud :3c

I had some tough time adjusting to telling a story or a joke through sequence of drawings sometimes ^^’ I’m used to writing the story with just words, I’m writing my own book in the end. But with drawings?

I always drew a character in some fancy pose and cool clothes and wrote out the story in my head, but it’s so different with a comic. How would the characters move, am I going to draw such details every time? It’s drawing the same thing over and over, so the characters have to look like themselves. Showing the emotion is a struggle as well. It’s easier to write “they were anxious” than to show it. I remember I tried so bad showing a mildly annoyed expression and had to redraw a thing like 10 times.

I’d say I like just writing more. But I’m learning so much with drawings as well and I enjoy drawing a lot! Even though I have to ask people “is it understandable, is the plot clear?” before I post, haha

Anyway, in the last few chapters I’m exploring Aiko’s character more, to introduce her better, and also to give a little “break” from Boru. It’s refreshing to draw Boru again after a chapter about Ai. It gives me and the readers some new interest! ^^

I love this picture! ;3c

In the newest chapter I drew a much different illustration of Ai. I wanted to go all out but merged what I had in mind with the rest of the comic. Keeping the established style! \(^^)/ Which doesn’t mean the style will never ever change. I hope to improve as an artist after all! :3

I had to practice drawing small cats for like an hour before I decided the shape :’)

Aiko’s character was something I didn’t bother with at first, but I quickly realised that she’s an important part of the story, as she acts as a counterpart to Boru. Elegant and responsible, girly and ( at least trying to be ) calm – are things that Boru is generally not, and Aiko accents that with her presence. Mirroring each other, yet not. My cuties ❤ haha

Anyway! That’s enough of the “deep” thoughts, I’m just so excited about making the comic, it’s my little dream come true -^^-

See ya! Love, Juliet

10th episode!

Let’s celebrate! I’ve drawn 10 episodes of B. and it makes me so proud of myself. It’s 10 ideas I had to make a sketch for, do the lineart, do the colouring, shuffle the composition a few times. Add frames, delete frames, change the dialogue, restore the dialogue, change it again. Redraw facial expression to get the right emotion through. And I’m still learning!

I’m so happy with this frame

I never thought I’d be able to do it, it’s amazing! Even though 10 episodes doesn’t sound that amazing, haha

But, it is for me! ^^ And I even like my work sometimes, you know how hard it is to get impressed with your own drawings, you can always see the imperfections. But hey, the series is still goin! :3c

Feel free to check out the newest episode, I’m strongly encouraging you even! Haha

Have an amazing day everyone! ❤

Love ya


Continuing with adventures of Boru

The cheerleader episode is here! And it’s episode 9! I’m almost at 10 episodes, I didn’t think I’d manage, despite it not being that many, getting started is the worst after all. But here I am, and the series is too!

Feelin good~

It makes me so happy to see that someone is actually reading and even rating the comic. Makes me feel accomplished! Yay!

Thanks for everyone that’s reading and feel free to check it out!


See ya!