I might have overpacked

Being so fascinated with Newt Scamander’s suitcase I decided to make my own bigger too!

Engorgio spell wasn’t the best choice I suppose (magic gone wrong ^^’)

Yesterday I had a pleasure of visiting Wrocław, a Polish city of beautiful architecture! Can you even see how beautiful the station is?

The suitcase was cool too, it actually has little holes, and when you look through them there are photos of the city inside! Isn’t it awesome?

It was a great start to our trip which I’m going to show a bit more in the next post ;3

Bye bye 😚


Fantastic Newt, ekhm, beasts

I went to the movie premiere and I enjoyed it so much, it’s much better than the previous part! Ahh Newt. He’s just so adorably awkward. Love him :3

Visuals are great, and I guess there were more spells than in the entire Potter movie series. You could say that it was magical, haha

Definitely give it a go, it’s worth it! And go in your wizard attire of course. I went in my Hogwarts coat! And felt so awesome :3

A little update

I see the world as beautiful. Because it clearly is. It’s got it’s own little stories and bears to cuddle.

And yet I’m still feeling lost. What’s my objective? I don’t see the purpose. It’s common nowadays. But no matter what people say, I struggle a lot. Which doesn’t mean I’m not happy at times.

That is a huge problem. If I smile people don’t believe that I cry. Even my own family. I would even say the closest family is the worst, they claim to know you the best, which in many cases is not true. They fail to notice that all the different experiences change you.

And so, I don’t tell other people how sad I am. Who am I to ruin their day? But every person has a breaking point. Remember that.

As for an actual update (sorry for depressing stuff) I finally finished Night in the woods. This game speaks to me on so many levels. I won’t go into details here, what I can tell you though is that music is a true gem, a pure gold in this game.

I also finished reading A darker shade of magic. Even though the main female character annoyed me for majority of the book, I came to like her at the end.

Love Kell. And his coat.

I love reading and I’m reading more and more. It’s a bit hard with all the stuff I have to read and do, but I’m trying my best to balance everything and not tire my eyes out.

Oh, and I’m having headaches lately. They are the worst. I generally feel pretty bad, but still, I can’t skip my other errands.

As for the things I watched, I finished watching Hilda. It’s a netflix show and is seriously great. Very autumnal and the world building is peculiar. It’s worth checking out.

I want to draw more and do some artistic stuff, but we’ll see about it. It depends on the major change that waits around the corner.

That’s it for now, have a nice day! I love you all ❤

Sincerely yours


Special thanks to my Bear for helping me during especially hard days an letting me cry and laugh without judging me. You’re truly my sunshine.

If you’re sad, hug the Bear! 🐻❤


Enjoying autumn would be called falling, right?

Please ignore that.

I’m lost in the labirynth of leaves, not knowing anything. I feel like I lost a map somehow. Anyway

I got a few favourite things at the moment, one is reading, the other playing and watching stuff. Both involve some kind of story. Which is not mine.

I enjoy a game Night in the woods and a show Hilda the most these past few days.

I also noticed that I’m more resistant to horror movies when I’m in a bad mood. I guess we are our own monsters. Scary.