TheSteam – Chapter III

As Wave didn’t get his wallet back, their first stop was his home. He lived in a flat close to the headquarters, and thankfully still got keys. Radio sat on the stairs outside rococo-style inspired building wondering how long would it take as he probably needed to take a shower and change, get himself together basically.

To her surprise the boy managed to get ready quite quickly. His still wet hair pointed every direction, smile filling his face. He wore nice dark jeans trousers, white short sleeved shirt and dark blue waistcoat. Silver chain of the pocket watch shined brightly contrasting the fabric. Continue reading “TheSteam – Chapter III”


Chains lookbook — Autumn Spirit

Ok! I put so much thought into this, so please feel free to visit my autumnal blog, Autumn Spirit. Here I wanted to talk a bit “behind the scenes” about meaning of this particular collage.

Not being sure about oneself, the photo is blurred. The image isn’t certain. Yet we want to glorify what we choose to, to be able to tell people what or who we are. It’s like putting a blurry photo in a nice frame – oneself and other people’s expectations.

Not being sure, but wanting to tell everyone “I’m here” one is not able to escape. The chains hold the frame together. The mind telling to stay, to fulfil the expectations, no matter whose.

Violent as it is, wanting to break apart, one begins to damage the frame. However, it’s still being held up by chains. So one damages oneself in the process.

I hope I explained it good enough or at least got the message through. Thought that would be interesting! Have a nice day,

Bye bye


Trapped. In the universe? In one’s own mind? Hah. There’s no difference. What are these chains really. Isn’t it funny, being able to enslave yourself?

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I’ve had a nice autumny walk, with a bit of rain, collecting leaves and other stuff, taking sum pictures and having fun in general. I also grabbed some coffee on the way! It’s always nice to have some in the cool weather.

It was pretty warm though, I was fine with coat over t-shirt and didn’t even have to wear a scarf. It’s a win then!

Such a nice background but such short arms to take a selfie > . <

Aaahh, I love Fall.

Thinking~ blogging plans

I haven’t been writing here much, since I focused more on my Autumn blog. Still, my favourite place is here. I’m thinking of moving my story mostly to my Autumn blog, since it’s getting messy and hard to find here.

And also, I feel like I’m running out of space here, so I’m planning on deleting less significant posts, since I’m not planning to upgrade to professional plan yet. I don’t think this blog is updated enough to do so.

I wanted to tell you what my other blog is mostly about. It’s fashion, photography, scrapbooking and books. I pay a lot of attention to the quality and take so much time to make every post perfect. Which makes it less personal in a way. Which is fine. It’s meant to be hobby-oriented.

What am I going to post here? All the other stuff I used to ^^ I loved it and love it so much ❤

So as a comeback: I dyed my hair red! Awesome, right? It’s a subtle shade that mixes well with my natural hair :3c

See ya!


Scrapbook spread [2]

My second blog 🙂 I put so much work and thoughts into this, please check it out if u like! ^^

Autumn Spirit

~Hello September~

Cool evenings, sunny days. New beginnings and strange calmness. Snuggled up in bed, sipping coffee that isn’t hot anymore, but pleasantly warm. Please feel welcome. We missed you. September~

Scrapbook journal spread details:

  • Base: brown scrapbook base A4
  • Stickers: cat+yarn, 2 stamp-style (fox, rabbit)
  • calendar page, notebook page
  • reddish cutout, light brown cutout
  • 2 buttons, piece of yarn, washi tape
  • dried ginko leaf

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TheSteam – Chapter II

Radio looked at the ocean beneath them in awe. She rarely had a chance to see it, since she lived far from the edge of the island. She was wondering what kind of creatures live there, so far below.

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TheSteam: sidestory. Firefly

The machinery was a success, the land, now floating in the sky as little islands, proved the greatness of people, crushed boundaries in minds of those who disbelieved. But the world was dark. It’s said that black clouds had yet to clear, and the day was as dark as the night, making not a single star visible.

Not everyone could afford light. Trees were too precious, oil limited. Not even candles were there to help, and even if they were, their light was dim.

Adults and elders dreamed of old days, of devices that illuminated everything with a single command. Children on the other hand, never having a chance to glimpse dying technology, looked for ways to solve the problem, as children usually do.

In search of tiniest bright items, one night, or it could be a day, since it was hard to tell, a group found a pack of shining, little dots. There were flying there, in the air, in pretty yet chaotic dance. They seemed to shine inside out, something that was rarely ever seen.

Needles to say children were astonished. Next time they tried to catch the dots in a jar. But they were too fast and all escaped. After a few tries the group sat to discuss what they might actually be. Too tiny for bird or too much in the air to be a lizard, they became bugs.

Why were they flying though? Oh, that’s easy. It’s because of tiny lanterns they carried. So the children decided to catch the slowest one with the heaviest lantern of them all. And so they proceeded.

Soon the first bug was sitting in the jar, looking strangely offended. And so the jar was proudly presented to the helpless adults. Their eyes went wide and for the first time in a while they smiled brightly.

Children’s stubbornness and hope was shining as brightly as a tiny lantern in creatures hands.

Nobody knows to this day, where the bugs acquired those lights, or if there were any lanterns to begin with. Nevertheless, to this day an innocent firefly stands as a symbol of children and hope. And let’s make it stay as long as possible.

Scrapbooking [autumn is coming]

Since the weather is becoming more and more autumn-like, I created a spread with feelings towards fall. Prompt written by me, decorated with some stickers, cutouts, strings and dried plant.

I usually try to keep things simple and tidy, so it’s my first time I tried to make a full on scrapbooking spread. While it still looks kind of empty, I’m very proud of it! Stay tuned for more to come ❤


A chill day

[a post I wrote few days ago but forgot to click “publish”]

Today is sort of a weird mixture between summer and autumn, so I decided to have a peaceful day and stay at home. So relaxing ^^

I’ve been reading most of the time. Two towers are so enjoyable to read if you’re not reading the parts about Frodo, haha. I much prefer return of the king. Any LOTR fans out there?

I’ve been also watching some adorable shows, they are just so lovely! Have you heard of Molang? I’ve known it only as a set of stickers, but there’s a whole cartoon!

Ah, I’ve also learned some embroidery. I’ve always thought it’s super difficult, but it’s not really, silly me. And it’s fun!

I’ve been thinking of writing a bit more of The Steam and going out for a walk, but we’ll see. Have a nice peaceful day everyone 🙂