Can’t sleep

Dark clouds don’t want to leave me alone and I can’t sleep. It’s so frustrating. Especially because I have work tomorrow. So let’s write something.

Here in the forest, where trees are green,

Foxes are asking – where have you been?

And you just answer out of the blue

I’ve been traveling, I swear it’s true!

They want souvenirs, stories and food

Oh they are really not in the mood.

So you just give them your pretty smile

Which made the foxes totally fine

Now they are listening to every word

About the mountains, monsters and gold

by WildFlowerJuliet (or simply me ^^).


Spring snowflake

Leucojum vernum is a flower that likes to surprise everyone with it’s sudden appearance and disappearance. Tiny little spirit likes to cover the world with spring snow!

As you can see, these flowers look pretty similar to snowdrops, but are less common and appear in larger groups.

The details that make it easier to differentiate them are those tiny yellow dots. Aren’t they beautiful?

I could see them in a special place in the forest. The most charming view was a little stream surrounded by this magical snow.

To prevent people from damaging the forest a wooden path was made. It looked very nice, like a path made by forest creatures to lead humans away from their hidings!

I absolutely loved the experience. A little magic! :3

Summer storm

Seems like we skipped spring and jumped right into summer. It feels so strange!

Sun is shining, birds are singing, life is changing. And new life is born! Isn’t that amazing? I feel like I can breathe.

There were so many storms lately, the weather is truly summer-like. They last for an hour or so and then everything turns back to normal, as if nothing happened. I love to listen to the storm and watch the sky.

As they come and go, I started to think: the more sunshine you get, the more you appreciate storms and rain, and on the other hand, the more rain you get, the more you appreciate sunshine. It’s pretty obvious, right?

The summary: I like summer storms! Haha

Instant fun with instax

I’ve always wanted to have a Polaroid camera. Since I was little, the idea of catching a moment in a picture in just a few seconds fascinated me. And so, I waited and waited. Because you know, film is expensive and you can’t take multiple photos, etc. etc.

BUT taking a picture with this kind of camera is like magic. You don’t edit the photo, if you make a mistake, then the mistake stays. That’s what makes these photos unique. They show your photography skills, or just simply capture the scene with your friends or objects you like 😉

And, for me, they are quite romantic!

Camera I have is instax mini 8! I absolutely love it. Even though I don’t have photography skills at all, haha

Toruń! Part 2: city

Last time you could see a bit of gingerbread museum, this time I want to show you the city!

The old town looks absolutely stunning.

Walking around is a pleasure. Next to the old town is a river so it’s got a feeling of the seaside port.

One of the highlights was definitely a church. Church tower to be specific. You can climb it (which is quite challenging) and see an amazing view of the city!

Inside of the tower was interesting too of course.

Lat picture is of someone I’m sure you all know. Say hello!

Toruń! Part 1: Piernikis

Hello, Juliet here! I feel very adventurous lately :3 So on Saturday I went for a trip with my Bear. Trip to Toruń, Polish capital of gingerbread!

The first part will be about the gingerbread museum. Which is not really a museum but a bakery. The museum tour was a show and an interactive one!

First the witch told us about all the ingredients of the gingerbread and what are their functions. She has shown all of them to us. Then came the baker and showed us how to make a dough with a little help of visiting children. Then came a little quiz, which was fun ’cause we got to remember better the stuff about “pierniki”.

Then came the exciting part! We could make our own gingerbread! We got the dough (prepared weeks earlier, because the dough has to wait for a long time before being put into the right shape and baked) and we could make the gingerbread into the shape we wanted using special wooden forms. Then we had to wait for it to be baked, so we could take it as a souvenir.

Second part of the show, was the bakery from the beginning of XX century. There we could see how the machinery started to slowly take over. People started to produce more in a shorter time. Also, to save money, cheaper ingredients started to be used, sugar instead of honey for example.

Later we had a chance to decorate gingerbread but I’m not really talented at it. We took our art piece home as a souvenir.

The whole place smelled so good!!! I absolutely loved it. And the experience was cool. Especially because the workers talked in the traditional manner which was funny and very cool! I enjoyed their explanations the most :3

See you soon in the next part about the city! ^^

All alone

/Diary 25.03.2018/

I literally packed my stuff and moved away to another city. It feels incredibly lonely even tough some of my family is living here. I miss my city, I miss my friends, the stores, everything.

It was one of the hardest steps I have ever made in my life. I moved out because of painful reasons. And it was so hard to accommodate in a new place.

It’s the second month living here… I can’t really tell if I like it or not. I’m not used to it since I am always at work.

The most annoying thing is people telling me “life is not easy and you need to get used to it”. Oh wow, like I didn’t know that? It doesn’t mean I can’t feel certain way.

When you’re sad and tired even the simplest things like going grocery shopping or going for a walk are insanely difficult. Will I be able to continue living here at this rate? Who knows? I’m planning to redecorate my room in the summer and apply for the university course that takes place during weekends so I could work normally. But I don’t know if I’m going to have enough strength. I wish so.

Good night. I just wanted to get this off my chest


Korean lessons

We’ve finished 3 Korean lessons so far and I’m pretty happy and proud of myself that I’m finally learning Korean for real. Isn’t it cool? I can say a few basic things and I know hangul a bit better. I knew the characters before, but I’m slowly becoming more fluent at reading the whole sentences.

It is nice having such hobby… I feel smart! Haha