Welcome back.

Spring is slowly making its way to our hearts, teasing us with sun and clear sky.

Nature catching every bit of sunshine, scared of an interruption of sudden rain. Kind of a day to spend reading a novel, comforted by touch of the paper.

Too lazy to move from the patches of sun on the sofa.

Feeling refreshed, like a first spring daisy.

New life, new beginning, yet the same beauty. Are you the same person you were half a year ago? Is the tree the same? Its branches, its leaves?

Loving rain, yet turning towards the sun

Hello spring. Welcome home.


Kawaii buns πŸ…πŸΉπŸ’πŸ€πŸŒΈ

Inspired by some kawaii videos from Japan I attempted to make my hair kawaii for a day! Isn’t it absolutely adorable?

So fluffy! Fluffy buns :3c

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I’m in this place where I don’t feel sad and I don’t feel happy either. I’m having nightmares recently, and my stamina has dropped rapidly. I don’t get why.


But on the bright side, I’ve found a creative outlet, I opened a t-shirt/gadget online shop! I need to keep adding new stuff to build it and it spawned new ideas. Also, there would be no visits without some promoting, so I’m planning to invite my friends to help me get some nice photos and, you know, make a commercial out of it! Haha ^^ But this is a plan for later. First, I need to make some new graphics.

Which is a plan for today! I got some time before work, so I’ll spend it drawing πŸ™‚ Sounds like a good idea? Yes!!! :3c Motivation +10 (especially cause I got such a good design idea, huhu )🐳

Also, I want to read some books again since I didn’t have time or energy. I’m leaning towards Jane Austen again.

Pictures of the sky keep me going as well. I notice how beautiful the sky is and I often take a photo. It’s nice to look at them later on!

Sketching sketching πŸ–‹πŸ–ŠπŸ–ŒπŸ–πŸΈ

Kind of a productive day

A day started with doodles~

Adding a bit of journaling 🌸

Putting together a pavΓ© :3c (fabulous)

And making a bracelet in the evening 🐝

Drinking jasmine green tea a lot!

It made me so calm, gentle scent putting my anxiety to sleep…

Good night πŸŒ›


Long time no see!

Ahh, playing guitar is so relaxing. Even if you play metal.

Yo metal gurl here! I rock these jeans. Badum tss.

Haha ^^ I’m feeling quite good about myself, thanks to people close to me. At home I was never told I can do something great, only that I could do something better. But my friends told me that I can make beautiful things and I’m very talented. It’s surreal to me (doesn’t mean that it cured my low self-esteem completely. But I’m feeling much better)!

I want to say thank you! Today I’m doing some random things, like playing music, learning Japanese, writing letters and so on. Oh and I’m putting together a model of a peacock! Isn’t it cooooool

See you around!


Rant of a younger generation.

“I could kill all of you with milk and peanut butter!” – people, especially in their 40s tend to laugh at allergies and other issues and say that young people are weak.

And it’s incredibly annoying. First of all, food has much more chemicals than ever, it’s easy to grow intolerant if you’re being fed something like this your whole life. Earth is polluted – air, oceans, soil. And we grew up in a place that’s becoming worse and worse. We’re not weak, our bodies started to fight back all the mess previous generations had started.

Yet young are the ones trying to change. Influencers pushing cruelty free products, shopping second hand, talking about climate, trying to spread awarness. Little things everyday.

You could say that it’s just a trend and they are doing it to show off. If so, what’s wrong with that? Isn’t that one of the best trends ever in that case?

“You young people spend so much time in front of a computer” – and you spend even more watching TV. We use computers to learn, to do projects, to work, to make art, to comunicate, to plan trips and check the way, to track events in our calendar, to read. And much more. It’s not simply games and facebook. It’s a tool in modern world.

“How computers steal your life!” – Wrote a person being online 24/7 working for web news, bashing youngsters for spending time online. Bunch of hypocrites.

It’s getting long. I’m not saying that all people older than me are bad and unkind and all kinds of things. I’m writing from my personal perspective, generalizing.

Have a nice day, sorry for the rant πŸ™‚