I’m back, hello there :D

There has been so much going on, I left this blog be. Meh. I want to set some goals for the new year since it’s so original :3c


Inserting the photo to calm down xD I took it a few days ago, I really love the contrast of daylight and moon. Isn’t the soft contrast beautiful?

Anyway, I gotta continue writing TheSteam, I stopped putting it out there, though I’m still kind of updating it. I’m at the point where I know where I want to take the characters, but I need that smooth transition between events, so I can’t just write later part separately.

When it comes to writing, I’m writing some daily comics, and I want to do it this year. Daily comics! I’m not putting them out just yet, since I want to write like 10-15 to have that margin if I can’t write/draw every single day.

Also, journaling! I tried bullet journal, but I’m doing that kinda in reverse now, instead of writing “to do” I wrote what I managed to do and ideas for the future. Every time I couldn’t fullfil my “to do” list I felt like garbage, and writing my accomplishments of the day is giving me a sense of victory and satisfaction.

I want to change my mindset into not being guilty of sharing my successes and accomplishments. I was taught my whole life to be extremely humble and to not share something if it’s not perfect. In the end nothing is perfect and there’s always someone better than you at something, so duh.

So, my art, writing, even streaming on twitch – I wanna get it out there. Out there and be happy and content about it. Not brag about it, but not be afraid to say “yes, I’m doing something nice with my life, here you can see if you like!”. What I learned is that there are people that are genuinely interested or don’t mind hearing about stuff.

That sounds like positivity talk, but honestly, I feel like it’s the year to get my butt out there and show the world I am actually capable of something xD

Anyway, this is getting long so I’m going to end this post here and write a compact one afterwards :3c Love ya!

Bye byeee ~ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Renaissance girl – happy birthday to me

It’s your birthday today! Hooray! It’s your birthday today! There’s a cat licking your birthday cake it’s your birthday today 💖🌠🎵❤💕🎆✨🌈

I’m 23! And I am a happy gurl :3c

I want to take this occasion to write out my thoughts. No one can stop me, it’s my birthday afterall, huhuhu :3c

I always felt pressured to be good at one specific thing. Maybe two. But the thing is, my interests are wider than one particular thing. And I’m proud to say that I’m not bad at what I do. I like art – digital design and drawing, scrapbooking and crocheting. I love interior design. But I’m also good at writing, dancing and singing, playing guitar. I’ve been also good at IT and math at some point. On top of that I learn languages easily (if I put my mind to it, haha) and so on, I could go on longer. I don’t mean to shower myself with compliments, although why not, but why would I do just one thing? People want to DEFINE themselves and others. Perhaps that’s easier, to answer the question “who am I”. I am a -insert trait or profession-. I could say that I’m a warrior princess and at the same time a delicate flower. There’s more to people, and modern society tries to make everyone flat. If you’re an amazing actress, you can also be an amazing cook and skate the best in the city. You can be a lawyer and the most loved babysitter.

So anyway, I’ve been struggling with defining myself for the longest time. Cause I’m not a one thing. I could never decide on things cause I couldn’t close myself in box of definition.

It made my life difficult though. Like, what should I choose at the university? I’d have to choose like 5 majors. You feel me?

Since today is my birthday, I think I can say that I finally figured out why I always felt wrong – cause I was not wrong. There’s just so much more to explore ;3

If you’re the best at one thing and it makes you happy, good for you. If you’re good at or interested in various topics, good for you as well! Don’t limit yourself, don’t feel sad that you can’t find “your thing”. Cause there could be simply MORE THAN ONE! 🌼🌸🎉🌟💕❤✨🎆

And I’m not trying to say that I’m the most talented creature that ever lived. Far from it. But I am here, and you can’t define me with one word. You can’t define people with one word. There’s just so much more to every single person. Everyone! More to you, more to me, more to your neighbour or classmate. Yep.

And you can’t tell me otherwise.

Cause it’s my birthday :3c

Happy birthday to me! 💕🎉❤🌟🏵💕🌼❤🌈🎆✨🎆❤🌸🎉🎆❤💛🐅🐯


Chapter IV part 1

It was still dark when they went to the port, ready for the journey, dressed in warm clothing and scarves, to protect themselves from the first days of Autumn. Cool and merciless, the weather wasn’t particularly to their advantage, but hot spirits kept them warm and ready to act.

Huge airship was awaiting. One you see rarely, usually once in a lifetime, so regal and beautiful, massive beast, able to take a lot of people on a long distance trip. Radio was stunned coming aboard such beautiful thing. Equipped with countless journals, ink, pencils and a camera, she looked like a true journalist, which, through weird series of events, she now was.

“You look happy about it” – said Wave smiling, sitting next to her on the ornamented chair.

Glamorous interior seemed a bit too much to him, despite spending so much time in equally rich headquarters on the Depth, which surprised the girl.

“I’m used to flying old, kinda ugly machines you see” – explained the boy – “I wouldn’t have guessed something so nice could travel such distances”

They spent three days travelling, talking with other passengers, overlooking passing islands. Different architecture and overall look pleased Radio. She could see ones with just fields, ones focused on manufacturing, some even with lakes. Never having the chance to go to the lake, she made a note to go some day, same with farms. She was slowly starting to enjoy travelling, almost as much as Wave who rarely stopped talking about wind and air pressure, clouds and other things with airship’s crew members.

It almost felt sad when they had to land. Destination, The Lookout, was the last island on the edge of flying archipelagos, hence the name. Though smaller than The Depth, it still looked quite impressive, with Edwardian style city buildings and huge hangars, for whatever aircraft one wants to store, in the port. The pair could already see the plane prepared for them, along with representatives from research centre. After polite greetings, all went to the tea, while the luggage was being moved from airship to plane.

Wave got some more equipment, binoculars, various tools, and Radio another camera, along with instructions to what particular aspects of the place the most attention should be paid. She made notes of everything the gentlemen said, wanting to do her job the best she could, it being her first time working for the press. Scientific press on top of it! She knew that no one else volunteered to go, and if anything turned out wrong she wouldn’t be the one to blame, but it didn’t stop her from wanting to do well. Especially since she got compensation which allowed her to quit her job for a while, to the great sadness of the bookstore owner. Being asked by Wave several times, and with her own curiosity at its peak, she finally agreed to the weird mission, putting her writing skills and overall courage to the test.­­­­­

TheSteam – Chapter III

As Wave didn’t get his wallet back, their first stop was his home. He lived in a flat close to the headquarters, and thankfully still got keys. Radio sat on the stairs outside rococo-style inspired building wondering how long would it take as he probably needed to take a shower and change, get himself together basically.

To her surprise the boy managed to get ready quite quickly. His still wet hair pointed every direction, smile filling his face. He wore nice dark jeans trousers, white short sleeved shirt and dark blue waistcoat. Silver chain of the pocket watch shined brightly contrasting the fabric. Continue reading “TheSteam – Chapter III”

Chains lookbook — Autumn Spirit

Ok! I put so much thought into this, so please feel free to visit my autumnal blog, Autumn Spirit. Here I wanted to talk a bit “behind the scenes” about meaning of this particular collage.

Not being sure about oneself, the photo is blurred. The image isn’t certain. Yet we want to glorify what we choose to, to be able to tell people what or who we are. It’s like putting a blurry photo in a nice frame – oneself and other people’s expectations.

Not being sure, but wanting to tell everyone “I’m here” one is not able to escape. The chains hold the frame together. The mind telling to stay, to fulfil the expectations, no matter whose.

Violent as it is, wanting to break apart, one begins to damage the frame. However, it’s still being held up by chains. So one damages oneself in the process.

I hope I explained it good enough or at least got the message through. Thought that would be interesting! Have a nice day,

Bye bye


Trapped. In the universe? In one’s own mind? Hah. There’s no difference. What are these chains really. Isn’t it funny, being able to enslave yourself?

via Chains lookbook — Autumn Spirit


I’ve had a nice autumny walk, with a bit of rain, collecting leaves and other stuff, taking sum pictures and having fun in general. I also grabbed some coffee on the way! It’s always nice to have some in the cool weather.

It was pretty warm though, I was fine with coat over t-shirt and didn’t even have to wear a scarf. It’s a win then!

Such a nice background but such short arms to take a selfie > . <

Aaahh, I love Fall.

Thinking~ blogging plans

I haven’t been writing here much, since I focused more on my Autumn blog. Still, my favourite place is here. I’m thinking of moving my story mostly to my Autumn blog, since it’s getting messy and hard to find here.

And also, I feel like I’m running out of space here, so I’m planning on deleting less significant posts, since I’m not planning to upgrade to professional plan yet. I don’t think this blog is updated enough to do so.

I wanted to tell you what my other blog is mostly about. It’s fashion, photography, scrapbooking and books. I pay a lot of attention to the quality and take so much time to make every post perfect. Which makes it less personal in a way. Which is fine. It’s meant to be hobby-oriented.

What am I going to post here? All the other stuff I used to ^^ I loved it and love it so much ❤

So as a comeback: I dyed my hair red! Awesome, right? It’s a subtle shade that mixes well with my natural hair :3c

See ya!


Scrapbook spread [2]

My second blog 🙂 I put so much work and thoughts into this, please check it out if u like! ^^

Autumn Spirit

~Hello September~

Cool evenings, sunny days. New beginnings and strange calmness. Snuggled up in bed, sipping coffee that isn’t hot anymore, but pleasantly warm. Please feel welcome. We missed you. September~

Scrapbook journal spread details:

  • Base: brown scrapbook base A4
  • Stickers: cat+yarn, 2 stamp-style (fox, rabbit)
  • calendar page, notebook page
  • reddish cutout, light brown cutout
  • 2 buttons, piece of yarn, washi tape
  • dried ginko leaf

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TheSteam – Chapter II

Radio looked at the ocean beneath them in awe. She rarely had a chance to see it, since she lived far from the edge of the island. She was wondering what kind of creatures live there, so far below.

Continue reading “TheSteam – Chapter II”