Postcards! #1

I decided to show you my collection of cute and amazing pictures! Each one of them contains a certain memory or a nice word that made me really happy.

Since I collected quite a lot of postcards I won’t show you all of them at once! Let’s start with the ones I got recently from the very special people.

Those three are from Bear. He gave them to me after his trip to UK. I have to say, the quality is amazing.

These two are from Katie and Blu. They are so nice!

Thank you very much for all the postcards! See you soon ❤


Village from the past!

Hello! Yesterday I went to an awesome event, the Archeology Festival. The weather was definitely English… But I had a lot of fun anyway!

The event was held in a reconstructed prehistoric village filled with not only merchants and barbarians, but very handsome Scottish gentlemen as well. Cool, right?

The main attraction was the battle. Well, a lot of battles to be precise. Men dressed as warriors were fighting all the time. But some of them came on a stage and gave a short explanation about their costumes and weapons.

When it comes to houses in the village, all were crowded and people were selling things inside. The empty ones were very dark and usually full of smoke from the fire. They were so cosy! I managed to take a photo of some herbs drying near the ceiling.

There were tents as well. This area is supposed to be the Roman camp. Unfortunately everyone went to participate in one of the battles so the camp was empty.

Here you can see a clay oven, used mostly to bake bread. I think I saw three of them yesterday.

Don’t forget about animals! Only cows remained outside, because of the weather. Brave ones!

Sometimes you have to travel. That’s why you need boats. This one was very pretty!

BONUS photo. You better not make me angry! Haha

You could try on some armour and pose with weapons. They were quite big and very heavy! It was so much fun!

The final event was an Irish dance performance. The dancers taught us some moves after the show! I think it was the best point of the festival!

That’s it for today. You should definitely give a festival like this a try, it’s just awesome. 

Have a nice week everyone! See you soon!

Wild art

Art can be found in the most unexpected places. I went for a walk yesterday and I spotted some strange things. Mirrors, sculptures and others which I have no idea what to call. But I was quite sure they don’t belong near the lake. Or do they?

I took only two photos, since I didn’t have that much time. The first one is called “star”. Well, it was impossible to guess! Haha

The other one really caught my eye. This artwork is called “malum” (“evil” in latin). For me it represents the endless hole that swallows every good thought. It looks great, especially with the water around. By the way, did you know that “mal” in spanish means “bad”? I was very happy that I still remember something from spanish!

I will definitely come back and see the rest of the “wild” exhibition.

Do you like art?

Have a great, inspirational day!

The Old Zoo

Literally old zoo. There are two zoos in my city. The Old Zoo and the New Zoo. The New Zoo was built later and most of the animals were transferred from the Old to the New, so they can have a lot more space.

The Old Zoo was transformed into park and you can enter for free! But a lot of smaller animals are still there.

Let me introduce: black swan. Cool one. Likes to bite people. Thanks to that I could take a photo!

Here are the other birds. They are very pretty!

Look at these beauties. I absolutely love them! They are really friendly. They aren’t afraid of people at all.

I think I can call them my favourite animals!

I was quite surprised to see a herb garden in the zoo!

There are other magical places as well.

You can’t climb these stairs but they look pretty nice and a little bit wild.

Back to animals. There were sheep that were eating grass all the time. They weren’t bothered by people at all.

Adorable ❤

It was such a fun day!

And with the special someone who finally came back from his trip. Welcome back!

Have a great day everyone! See you really soon!

Drawing, painting


I wanted to wait until I gather more pieces to show you, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t draw anything well. So I’m bringing you only two!

First one is koi fish 🎏 I don’t know much about koi, besides their colour, so I googled a picture and drew the one I saw. And the lotus flower next to it!

In the second picture you can see the mountains, a little bit of sky and the forest. I used watercolour for the sky and mountains. I’m pretty happy with the effect!

I’m trying to get better at colouring (all of my pictures used to be black and white!), drawing and other artistic stuff.

It’s fun! ^^

Have a great day and see you soon!


Hello everyone, how are you?

Today I wanted to tell you about the book I really enjoyed!

Here it is! It’s about William Shakespeare and the plays he wrote. But not only that. You read about the history and the theatre itself. It may sound boring, but the book is written in such a nice way! It’s funny and really awesome. It’s so easy to remember things! I finished reading this a few days ago and I’m so sad, I wanted it to be longer! Anyway, I recommend the book to everyone, especially students. As the author said, Shakespeare wrote plays to entertain, not to torture students! Haha 😉 It changed my way of thinking a lot.

By the way, I’ve seen a lot of Shakespeare plays, like Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello and so on. They are the best on stage. The only thing I regret is that I couldn’t see them in the original language. That’s why I’ve never realised that the lyrics of the song the choir is singing in the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter movie) are actually quotes from Macbeth!

I’m learning new things, and I’m really excited to be a student again! But I have to wait until October… That’s not fair! Anyway, English Philology, here I come!

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day! ❤


Recently I felt like experimenting in the kitchen. So I made a dinner and a dessert. I can’t really cook, but trying out new things is fun!

Here, let me show you the process of making delicious food :3 First of all I made the base. It took me 15 minutes or so. Then I put it in the oven for a while.

While the base was in the oven I prepared vegetables. I like them a lot!

I took the base out and put the vegetables in it. Then topped it with mozzarella cheese and put it in the oven again.

Here’s the effect! It looks really cute and fills you up extremely well. Since I got so many ingredients left I made the sweet version!

It may not look the best, but it’s truly delicious. Apples and cinnamon make a great combo!

The best thing about these is that they are very easy to make. And quick as well!

Have a great day everyone, see you very soon! :3