An adventure! Part 1: ski lift

Yaaaay, our adventure finally came true. We went to the mountains!

There are so many things to talk about. But let’s talk about the most exciting ones in a chronological order :3

Szklarska Poręba is a beautiful cheerful city. People smiling and complete strangers talking to each other (I guess that’s normal there!). I got a toy for making bubbles and some postcards and we went to the mountains. And since I’ve never used a ski lift before, we went up by ski lift!

At first it was just going through the forest, which was peaceful and exciting at the same time. It’s strange to ride through the forest in the air when you usually just walk. I was laughing like a little child 🙂

But at some point my Bear told me to look back and I was overwhelmed with the view. It was magnificent. I cried, I was so moved, we were finally able to go somewhere, and we’re in the mountains, on ski lift, and we love each other. What else do you need?

The only scary thing was getting off. Fortunately I don’t have a fear of heights.

And then the road has begun.



A tiny life update 🐢

I got so many plans and stuff to do. I’m trying my best! And I love my bear :3

I like photography, but I got a feeling that I could do much much better. Maybe I should buy a book about photography? What do you think? And what do you think about the photo above? ^^

I’m working in the bookstore and being so close to books is awesome. I love love love it. I recently got two books I’m very excited to read! One by Tristan Gooley, the other by Jung Chang. I’ll write a review after reading them. They are really good so far.

Oh, and I’ve finally finished reading Pride and prejudice. I’ve been fangirling so hard at the end! Even more than while reading Sense and sensibility.

Life has been a little crazy lately. But hey, I’m working towards a huge goal, which is getting closer and closer!

Stay cosy ❤ and have a nice day!

My sunshine

Hello :3 This post is about my wonderful Bear ^^

My Bear is lovely. He’s handsome, cute, intelligent, interesting, cute, funny, caring, smart, brave, supportive and cute.

But most importantly, he’s my sunshine. Gentle warmth, that makes each day beautiful, brings smile and big hugs. With such an awesome sunshine I could even live in Scotland! No rain would scare me!


Stationary lover, stationary addict. I got two pack of stamps like a month ago but was too busy to open them, and forgot about them all together. After being found in my arts and crafts drawer they refused to be forgotten again. Aren’t they just gorgeous?

Close-ups show just how much attention was put into details.

It looks just like illustrations from the old books. Amazing. I have never had stamps like these.

With those you can give vintage and elegant look to everything!

My favourites are mannequin and birdcage.

Have you also got something nice recently? Have a nice day everyone!


*Oh, and these were very cheap, I was lucky to get both packs 30% off!*

Pyrkon. Festival!

Pyrkon is a festival held every year in Poznań. If you like fantasy, games, books, cosplay, or even if you’re an otaku – it’s your place to be!

I had a chance to participate, so let me share some highlights from the festival.

First of all, I met my team! Go Slytherin! I look just like a crazy quiditch fan, haha

Next thing: decorations. What caught my attention was Tie-fighter from Star Wars.

When it comes to cosplayers, I was quite disappointed. There weren’t as many, and most of the costumes were not handmade. But I enjoyed a few anyway!

Then there was a little model of a robot and a little bit of scenery. I’ve instantly thought of some stories. This robot is pretty cute, isn’t it?

I also had fun at a game section. I got some fun dancing to Just Dance with totally random people. They were awesome! Nintendo stand was nice too. But I don’t like the fact they wrote New 3DS XL under every console, even if it was 2DS. Except for that, it looked amazing. And Switch was everywhere!

At some point there was an option to take cool photos with festival’s props. This one was my favourite!

The last thing was a cinema. The special thing is that it was outside! Sound was perfect, view was perfect, there were comfortable seats, and you could even buy popcorn and drinks! It was amazing and so so so cool! I enjoyed it a lot. They played some classics. I was able to watch Matrix and then went home since it was too cold. I didn’t expect a movie outside, so unfortunately I didn’t prepare a blanket.

It was fun, I’ve met some good people and had a great Saturday!

Have a good day everyone! 🌼

Not exactly a fail

Me and my Bear couldn’t go to the sea because of a serious accident on the way. Railway was blocked and no train could go the way we wanted! So we couldn’t even get out of the city. We were so sad, we were both looking forward to that trip.

But we battled the sadness and had a good weekend anyway!

First of all we went to Ikea and had delicious dinner. And dessert. And drinks. Ahh I just love ikea food! And I love interior design so there’s always something interesting to find. This time I’ve found two new friends! And a flower pot for my grandma.

I called these two beautiful plants Raptor and Tyrannosaurus (Saurus or Terry for short, but he doesn’t like to be called Terry). Aren’t they the cutest?

I was also invited for a date on Sunday. We walked around the city, which I enjoyed so much, and went to a very nice café. I liked it a lot! But we couldn’t finish the food unfortunately. It was delicious but they give you so much food for a very good price, we didn’t expect it!

We talked walked and spent time together so the weekend wasn’t that bad. It’s still a shame I couldn’t see the sea, but hey, can’t stay sad forever right?

Especially having such a wonderful bear ^^

See you soon!

(almost) Summer time

I still have some time before I have to get up. So why not use it to write a lazy blog post?

I love being outside, the weather recently is wonderful! Sun is shining, there’s a little bit of wind and everything seems to be very summer-like. Even though we still have one month left of spring.

I took some random photos in the garden, using my new phone tripod. I didn’t notice my hands were shaking as much without it, haha.

Today I’m going to make a list of things I need to pack, and wash clothes I need to take… because I’m going on an adventure!

(Insert Bilbo and Gandalf)

An adventure?

An adventure.

I’m going to spend this weekend looking at the sea. I’m so excited! See you soon, have a wonderful day!