I can finally see the sea!

I went to the sea a while ago. I felt lucky and calm as waves touched my skin. I wanted to go for so long afterall.

Some dreams come true.


An adventure! Part 3: the castle

Last stop during our trip to the mountains was the Chojnik castle.

Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to explore, since we needed to catch a train home. But still, it was super awesome! Even though the climb took more time than expected, I enjoyed it the most. All the happy people on the way made the journey much cooler!

There were some caves on the way and little children had so much fun exploring them. Parents not as much, haha.

Castle itself is a popular tourist destination. It’s hard to take a photo and not get a crowd in it!

Even though it’s old and it’s basically ruins, the castle felt somehow cosy, I think it’s because of all the plants slowly swallowing it.

One of the most exciting part was the tallest tower. You could actually climb it! View from the top was astonishing.

One way you could see civilization. The other – beauty of nature.

Isn’t it beautiful?

The trip was dreamy. I got a chance to go to the mountains, I got proposed to, I have so many good memories. What else can I say?

Let’s go again! ;3

Can’t sleep

Dark clouds don’t want to leave me alone and I can’t sleep. It’s so frustrating. Especially because I have work tomorrow. So let’s write something.

Here in the forest, where trees are green,

Foxes are asking – where have you been?

And you just answer out of the blue

I’ve been traveling, I swear it’s true!

They want souvenirs, stories and food

Oh they are really not in the mood.

So you just give them your pretty smile

Which made the foxes totally fine

Now they are listening to every word

About the mountains, monsters and gold

by WildFlowerJuliet (or simply me ^^).

Instant fun with instax

I’ve always wanted to have a Polaroid camera. Since I was little, the idea of catching a moment in a picture in just a few seconds fascinated me. And so, I waited and waited. Because you know, film is expensive and you can’t take multiple photos, etc. etc.

BUT taking a picture with this kind of camera is like magic. You don’t edit the photo, if you make a mistake, then the mistake stays. That’s what makes these photos unique. They show your photography skills, or just simply capture the scene with your friends or objects you like 😉

And, for me, they are quite romantic!

Camera I have is instax mini 8! I absolutely love it. Even though I don’t have photography skills at all, haha

Toruń! Part 2: city

Last time you could see a bit of gingerbread museum, this time I want to show you the city!

The old town looks absolutely stunning.

Walking around is a pleasure. Next to the old town is a river so it’s got a feeling of the seaside port.

One of the highlights was definitely a church. Church tower to be specific. You can climb it (which is quite challenging) and see an amazing view of the city!

Inside of the tower was interesting too of course.

Lat picture is of someone I’m sure you all know. Say hello!

Toruń! Part 1: Piernikis

Hello, Juliet here! I feel very adventurous lately :3 So on Saturday I went for a trip with my Bear. Trip to Toruń, Polish capital of gingerbread!

The first part will be about the gingerbread museum. Which is not really a museum but a bakery. The museum tour was a show and an interactive one!

First the witch told us about all the ingredients of the gingerbread and what are their functions. She has shown all of them to us. Then came the baker and showed us how to make a dough with a little help of visiting children. Then came a little quiz, which was fun ’cause we got to remember better the stuff about “pierniki”.

Then came the exciting part! We could make our own gingerbread! We got the dough (prepared weeks earlier, because the dough has to wait for a long time before being put into the right shape and baked) and we could make the gingerbread into the shape we wanted using special wooden forms. Then we had to wait for it to be baked, so we could take it as a souvenir.

Second part of the show, was the bakery from the beginning of XX century. There we could see how the machinery started to slowly take over. People started to produce more in a shorter time. Also, to save money, cheaper ingredients started to be used, sugar instead of honey for example.

Later we had a chance to decorate gingerbread but I’m not really talented at it. We took our art piece home as a souvenir.

The whole place smelled so good!!! I absolutely loved it. And the experience was cool. Especially because the workers talked in the traditional manner which was funny and very cool! I enjoyed their explanations the most :3

See you soon in the next part about the city! ^^

Village from the past!

Hello! Yesterday I went to an awesome event, the Archeology Festival. The weather was definitely English… But I had a lot of fun anyway!

The event was held in a reconstructed prehistoric village filled with not only merchants and barbarians, but very handsome Scottish gentlemen as well. Cool, right?

The main attraction was the battle. Well, a lot of battles to be precise. Men dressed as warriors were fighting all the time. But some of them came on a stage and gave a short explanation about their costumes and weapons.

When it comes to houses in the village, all were crowded and people were selling things inside. The empty ones were very dark and usually full of smoke from the fire. They were so cosy! I managed to take a photo of some herbs drying near the ceiling.

There were tents as well. This area is supposed to be the Roman camp. Unfortunately everyone went to participate in one of the battles so the camp was empty.

Here you can see a clay oven, used mostly to bake bread. I think I saw three of them yesterday.

Don’t forget about animals! Only cows remained outside, because of the weather. Brave ones!

Sometimes you have to travel. That’s why you need boats. This one was very pretty!

BONUS photo. You better not make me angry! Haha

You could try on some armour and pose with weapons. They were quite big and very heavy! It was so much fun!

The final event was an Irish dance performance. The dancers taught us some moves after the show! I think it was the best point of the festival!

That’s it for today. You should definitely give a festival like this a try, it’s just awesome. 

Have a nice week everyone! See you soon!


Poznań Palm House is a wonderful place. Even though I have been there before I had so much fun! You can feel like a true explorer! Going through flora of the different continents, seeing plants you wouldn’t normally see – it’s an amazing experience.

It’s is basically a huge greenhouse where you can see plants from all over the world.

Some of them have really interesting names. The polish name for this one is banana of wisdom. Quite funny, don’t you think? ^^


In the greenhouse you could find ponds with beautiful fish as well.

Hello there!


There were other animals too!

Some plants are simply beautiful.

Some may be magical. Isn’t this Mandragora from Harry Potter? Haha

This photo is not edited, the colors are this vibrant in real life. Surprising, isn’t it?

Walking there I felt like in a Jurassic Park!

But much nicer. There were also aquariums, but I’m not really interested in them.

The Palm House looks so cool from the outside as well.

And it’s located in the park so the area around is very pretty. If you’re not interested in plants or don’t want to spend money, I recommend visiting the Willson Park. It’s beautiful. You can just chill and relax.

That’s it for today! Have a great day and smile a lot!

Love ❤


I thought it’s impossible to learn history in a fun way. But guess what, I’ve gotten really interested in the history of my region after visiting the Rogalin Palace.

The building is amazing. And huge! Fortunately I was able to go inside.

I was really surprised seeing this. Quite unexpected design, right?

It was so dark inside, to prevent damage to the furniture. So it was difficult to take photos.

I love the old desks. They are truly stylish!

I want to have one too!

The library is lovely. The stairs caught my attention instantly.

The other rooms are mix of the different styles.

Beautiful furniture!

I was able to see the old vehicles as well.

I don’t know why, but they remind me of the “Beauty and the beast” Disney animation.

I was able to see how the vehicles changed over the years and read about them.

But I like the garden and the park more than a palace itself.

Interesting structure, right?

Works of art here and there…

This shot looks like I’m a paparazzi, haha!

Don’t hide from me!

I fell in love with this alley. Walking there I felt like Marianne from “Sense and sensibility”. I love this book!

Here you can see the palace seen from the garden.

This photo was taken from the structure you’ve seen before.

Here you can see the front view of the palace.

Moving on to the park. The beautiful park! There were over a 600 years old trees there! As you can see they need some support to stand.

​I have instantly thought of the Ents, Treebeard to be precise.


​The most surprising building near the palace is a little church. I was so confused.

​​I was wondering if I stepped on some kind of teleport that transported me to Greece.

Unfortunately the doors were closed and I couldn’t go inside.

As of the last photo from the palace area, I present you a little cottage!

It was just cute. I couldn’t resist.

On the way back we visited Kórnik for a moment. I’ve seen amazing church there, so here’s the photo!

And the close up of the front.

Here’s the gate as well!

Looks like a castle, doesn’t it?
If you want to learn more about the palace go to the museum website or visit museum yourself. I truly recommend it!

By the way, it’s funny, we are so careful with the items from the past and usually we’re not even allowed to touch them, but people used them as normal everyday things. Would our things be treated the same way in the future?

Thanks for reading this long post! Have a good day everyone! See you soon! :*