Postcards! #1

I decided to show you my collection of cute and amazing pictures! Each one of them contains a certain memory or a nice word that made me really happy.

Since I collected quite a lot of postcards I won’t show you all of them at once! Let’s start with the ones I got recently from the very special people.

Those three are from Bear. He gave them to me after his trip to UK. I have to say, the quality is amazing.

These two are from Katie and Blu. They are so nice!

Thank you very much for all the postcards! See you soon ❤


Lazy afternoon

This is just a chill post ’cause I’m too lazy to get out of bed. Here’s the piggy, she’s keeping me company!

Today I received a postcard from my friend. He went to Austria and managed to return before the postcard arrived! Haha 🙂 It’s so nice of him to send me one, it’s not that common to send postcards nowadays.

By the way I’m looking for some good books about history of Britain. I’m going to study english philology soon, since I got accepted into university! I got the official letter yesterday. I’m so happy! By the way, I’m so curious if I will be able to talk freely, since english is not my native language. I’m afraid of making mistakes. Wish me luck! Haha ^^

Have a good day! Hugs for everyone!