A tiny life update 🐢

I got so many plans and stuff to do. I’m trying my best! And I love my bear :3

I like photography, but I got a feeling that I could do much much better. Maybe I should buy a book about photography? What do you think? And what do you think about the photo above? ^^

I’m working in the bookstore and being so close to books is awesome. I love love love it. I recently got two books I’m very excited to read! One by Tristan Gooley, the other by Jung Chang. I’ll write a review after reading them. They are really good so far.

Oh, and I’ve finally finished reading Pride and prejudice. I’ve been fangirling so hard at the end! Even more than while reading Sense and sensibility.

Life has been a little crazy lately. But hey, I’m working towards a huge goal, which is getting closer and closer!

Stay cosy ❤ and have a nice day!


Instant fun with instax

I’ve always wanted to have a Polaroid camera. Since I was little, the idea of catching a moment in a picture in just a few seconds fascinated me. And so, I waited and waited. Because you know, film is expensive and you can’t take multiple photos, etc. etc.

BUT taking a picture with this kind of camera is like magic. You don’t edit the photo, if you make a mistake, then the mistake stays. That’s what makes these photos unique. They show your photography skills, or just simply capture the scene with your friends or objects you like 😉

And, for me, they are quite romantic!

Camera I have is instax mini 8! I absolutely love it. Even though I don’t have photography skills at all, haha

Photographer (?)

Thanks to the special someone I could take some cute photos. I’m not a pro, I just like photography. World is truly beautiful and this time I wanted to capture countryside beauty!

Let’s go!

A field. I love the colors, it’s a mix of yellow, gold and green.

White flowers. Wild flowers.

A pop of color here and there!

Hello there little guy! These butterflies were really hard to capture.



And blue! But most importantly…

…Pink ❤

The day was truly beautiful.

I’m so happy I could borrow the camera and go outside!

Ah, the sun, the clear sky. It was truly a pleasure.

But you have to come back home at some point.

I enjoy photography and nature so much. If you have any advice for a beginner photographer please tell me!

Have a good day, see you soon!